Aerial Drone Photography

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Drones are no longer just something that the military uses for their missions. There are now retail
drones that ordinary people can purchase in the consumer marketplace for a few hundred to many
thousands of dollars. Drones can be flown in the sky using a remote control from the ground. Many of
these drones are built with high-resolution cameras on them. This allows you to actually fly the drone
over any nearby area and take pictures of it from the air. The practice of using drones to take pictures of
the ground while in midair is called aerial drone photography.

Aerial photography itself is not something new. People used to take pictures from the air using
airplanes, helicopters, balloons, parachutes, and even kites. However, there are many problems that
come with these methods of aerial photography. Most of these problems are related to the control and
stability of the flying. Either that or it becomes very expensive to fly larger aircraft just to take aerial
photos. Now, with the innovation of unmanned aerial vehicles called drones, aerial photography is
something that virtually anyone in the world can partake in.

Aerial drone photography gives amateur and professional photographers a chance to take aerial photos
of places that they could never have before. More importantly, it gives them a chance to explore a
location which may be hard to do on foot. For example, somebody who is exploring a mountain or
ravine may want to use aerial drone photography to quickly see locations which are difficult to reach.
That way, they will know if they are worth exploring or not. There are just so many creative and helpful
uses that aerial drone photography provides.

Along with aerial drone photography, there is also aerial drone videography which works in a similar
way. The difference is that the cameras of a drone take video recordings in addition to still images. This
can be useful if you want to capture movement from the air. Perhaps you want to record traffic moving
on the roads or a waterfall pouring down into a river. Meanwhile, you can see exactly what is being
recorded from the screen on the remote control that you are using to control the drone. If you have a
cheaper drone without a screen, it may still let you establish a Bluetooth connection with your
smartphone, so you can use your phone’s screen to view the camera feed.