Video Production

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Video production is a term that describes the process in which video content is created. Some people
will use the terms video production and filmmaking interchangeably, but there is actually a difference
between the two. Filmmaking is exclusive to using film stock for producing motion pictures and images.
Video production is when motion pictures and images are recorded digitally, like when you use a digital
camera or camcorder. In the old days, video production meant that you were using a tape cassette like
VHS to record motion pictures. Now, thanks to the digital age, videotape is no longer used to record
these pictures. They are all saved to hard drives and memory cards now.

The art of video production involves three stages. These stages are explained below:


Pre-production is the first stage of video production which deals with everything that must be done
before the actual video content is recorded. In most cases, writing the script for the video is the first
step. The script is like an outline of all the action and dialogue that will be needed for the video. This is
what the video crew will use to guide them through the entire production process. After the script is
written, all the administrative tasks for setting up the production will need to be done, such as managing
logistics and scheduling the production.


Production is the second stage and it involves the process of recording the video content with the
cameras. This stage is usually performed on a studio set or stage that is decorated with the proper
backdrop and materials to create the illusion of the setting. There may even be a green screen used to
digitally place a background setting that is not really there. Actors will come on the set and perform
their dialogue based on what is written in the script. There are multiple video cameras which are
recording this from different angles. Depending on the size of the project, it could take hours, days, or
even weeks to finish a short video.


Post-production is the third and final stage. This is when all the recorded content from each camera is
edited together for one final video. There are generally many hours of recorded content which the
editors must go through to pick out all the best moments and shots. Their objective is to edit this
content so that the final video presents the story that was intended. After that, the final video gets
saved to hard drives, SD cards, and cloud servers for storage. The producers will then likely distribute
the video to audiences through video streaming, DVD, Blu-Ray, or a combination of them all.