Video Editing

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Video editing is the final stage of video production. It is where all the video shots and recordings that
were captured by cameras now get edited together to create one final video. This is actually a very big
job because a video editor must look through dozens of hours of video footage and pick out just a few
short scenes here and there. After that, the editor pieces all these short clips together to create an
entertaining video that can be shown to audiences.

However, video editing is a lot more than just arranging video clips in an entertaining way. Editors may
also manipulate shots, add transitions, add music overlays, or add special effects to shots in order to
enhance their quality. For example, if there were video shots taken of an actor in front of a green
screen, a video editor would replace the green background with a more interesting background which
creates the illusion that the actor is someplace where he really was not.

In the old days, video editing could only be done at a film studio, television studio, or a commercial
video production studio. Nowadays, ordinary people can purchase video editing software to use on their
home computer, so they can edit their own videos that were captured on their digital camera or mobile
device. People with no professional credentials in video editing have now become amateur video editors
thanks to this technology.

Below are all the different variations of video editing:

Linear Video Editing – This is how video editing was done back in the days of videotapes. Editors would
work with numerous videotapes and record clips from each one onto a single videotape in the proper
order they wanted them to appear.

Non-linear Video Editing – This type of editing is what people of today use. It involves using video
editing software on a computer like Windows Movie Maker, Adobe Premiere Pro, or Final Cut Pro.
Offline Editing – Editors use this method when they want to copy old footage from a videotape or film
while still preserving the condition of the original source.

Online Editing – This is a continuation of the offline editing method. After the old footage has been
copied, it then gets reassembled into a video that has better quality resolution. Old films that get
restored usually go through this process.

Vision Mixing – This method is used in a professional video setting that is doing a live production. For
example, the video editor of a live television show will cut or edit the live video feed that is coming from
many different cameras in the studio as it is being recorded. This is what vision mixing is.


What Clients Say:

We are more than satisfied with the work Baseline has done with us, and look forward to collaborating on future productions. In addition, we would certainly recommend Baseline as a production company to other organizations.

-Louise Ford

Executive Director
Capital Region Centre For The Hearing Impaired

Not only did you meet our expectations, you surpassed them. You met all of our very tight deadlines, the quality of all four productions was remarkable and you and your team were a peaceful and pleasant group of people to work with…

-Marcel Gervais

Archbishop of Ottawa Archdiocese
Archdiocese of Ottawa

I was left with no choice but to put all my faith into a company I knew nothing about, for technical expertise. I am pleased to say that Baseline Communications not only met but exceeded my expectations for a private video production house.

-Rod Carleton

Communications Officer
Aboriginal Justice Learning Network Department of Justice Canada

We have worked with Baseline Communications for many years and it is always an excellent experience. We have confidence in their ability to provide professional and high end quality work every time. They are our go-to video production provider not only because of their exceptional service, but because they also take the time to understand our needs and deliver a product we are proud to show our customers.

-Jenn Hall

Project Manager
InfoCraft Inc. Marketing Group

Your commitment and true sense of caring to the community that you have shown is both inspiring and reassuring.

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Canadian Cancer Society

I received numerous very positive comments following the event. Both you and your staff were most accommodating in meeting our requests. We have always received excellent service from you, and have come to depend on the quality of service you provide.

-Cathy Wood

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Ottawa-Carleton Lifeskills Inc.

We were extremely pleased with the response, and know that we could not have achieved such success without your contribution, hard work and dedication. A truly professional team, delivering a truly professional product.

-Marg Therrien

Royal Bank of Canada

It was a pleasure working with you and your team. I have nothing but good things to say about Baseline’s professionalism and flexibility in meeting the requirements of our program!

-Jeff Meek

PMP Project Manager
Construction Center Block Rehabilitation Program
Public Services and Procurement Canada

It was a pleasure working with your team of professionals. Despite tight timelines and a challenging shoot location your team delivered seamlessly. In addition, your courteous manner and expertise provided added value…

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